Meet The Tribe

Take the time to meet the members of the most iconic group in Middle Georgia.

Christina Promo.jpg

Christina Leon

Show Director/Host


The funniest host in Middle Ga and that's undisputed. Christina has been doing drag for 5 years. From starting her journey in Macon, to traveling to different cities, to return back to Macon with a new attitude.

Christina is the glue that holds it all together and we wouldn't have it any other way.

Akasha Giselle Vidalle

The Sex Siren of Macon!

With a mesmerizing face and unforgettable voice, you'll quickly understand why we call her that. Akasha has been doing drag for a collective 10 years and she's currently a native of Macon, Ga.

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Yutoya Leon

Co-Show Director/Marketing

The Lyricist!

Her name is Yutoya Avaze Leon, and she is THAT girl. She started drag with her sister Christina and has also been doing drag for 5 years. 

After Yutoya spent a year sick, she made it a point to com back strong as ever. She started writing raps, singing, and doing some insane lip-syncs. 

Yutoya is the creator no doubt. Her mind moves like no other and as long as she's a part of it there's no doubt of how good its going to be.

Pynk Dime

 Pynk started drag 2 years ago and in such a short amount of time Pynk has created phenomenal looks, insane concepts, and unbelievable props. There's nothing this girl cant do.

Make sure to follow Pynk on all social media platforms.


Coco Iman Starr

Coco Iman Starr also known as “The Supreme” and is the newest addition to The Tribe Macon. Coco has been performing in the Atlanta area for over 4 years and is known for her incredible dance skills. She is also a current show director at one of the last 21 lesbian bars in the country known as My Sisters Room. The Tribe is grateful to have Coco as a new cast member and looks forward to having her in all our upcoming events.


The greatest DJ Macon has and a Guru of sound and tech.

B3 is truly one of the most iconic DJ's of the southeast. His ear for music is unmatched and his attention to even the smallest of details is amazing.

From the beginning, B3 has encouraged each of the members of the Tribe to expand and continue building. He's reminded each of us of our capabilities and our worth. Not only a coworker but a true member of a family that we've all built. 


Chelsie Craycraft


Chelsie Craycraft is the owner and photographer of Hutcheson Photography LLC. She opened Hutcheson Photography LLC in 2012. She love to photograph anything & anyone! She specialize in modeling and artistic photographs. She has a passion for the performing arts, especially drag. The Tribe Macon has graced her with some of the best images in her portfolio, including Christina Leon, Yutoya Leon, Akasha Giselle Vidalle, and even The Second Generation. She look's forward to the many memories of The Tribe Macon that I can photograph and we're so happy to have her part of our family.